Eating Out As A Vegan


Going vegan, as plenty of you are aware, can require a huge amount of discipline even when just at home, let alone when out and about, not knowing who puts what ingredients in what. There are some vegans out there who don’t eat out at all, because they believe there are no true vegan opportunities for good food.

Trust me when I say, there are solutions out there.

First and foremost, veganism and vegetarianism are becoming more and more popular and more restaurants are starting to cater towards specific dietary requirements almost by default – whether vegan, gluten-free, low carb. They are responding to emerging trends in consumer tastes and will often be very hospitable and accommodating with specific dietary needs.

Another great thing with the rise in veganism, is the fact that there are more pure vegan and vegetarian restaurants springing up as well, giving you ample choice and selection of dining establishments where you can go and not be restricted on choice.

If you are particularly well organised, you can call ahead, book your place in a restaurant, mention your dietary requirements and get something whipped up on special order. It’s something any half decent restaurant would do, and if they don’t well then with that attitude you probably weren’t missing out on much anyway.

Couple of places you may want to avoid.

Indian restaurants

Indian food is probably the one type of cuisine which has vegetarianism as the staple heart, and vegetarians have no shortage of choice. But the issue for vegans is that although on face value it usually looks like there are plenty of options for you, most Indian restaurants will use ghee – in other words, clarified butter – as the primary cooking fat. Unsurprisingly, being dairy, this becomes non-vegan.

Of course as with all other restaurants you can call ahead and make a special request. It was just important to clarify that although there are plenty of face-value choices for vegans on the menu, it is important to be aware that most wouldn’t actually be vegan in their normal cooking method.

Fast food restaurants

Apart from just generally not being good for you, you are very limited on choice with fast food restaurants. There are a couple of options springing up (loads of falafel places popping up around the world!), but by and large the majority are not going to offer you much choice. Then as mentioned already, there is the issue of health, and whatever additives and ingredients go in the food.

These are probably best avoided altogether really.

So as you can see, there are plenty of vegan options out there. With Google, Facebook and other social media sites in general, it is even much easier to find great vegan meals out if you know where to look. So don’t feel like your lifestyle and dietary choice will need to stop you from going out and enjoying a meal with your friends or family.

Just be organised, plan a little bit ahead, ask the right questions, and enjoy yourself 🙂

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