Have You Tried A Juice Fast?

For all-round health, a short term juice cleanse can be something which helps improve your all-round health immensely. Long term, the lack of overall calories and some missing macronutrients can hurt you more than help you, but a short juice cleanse, maybe a week or 5 days for example, can and should work wonders for you.

Some of the benefits include:

Increase In Energy

You are taking it easy on your digestive system. You’re saving energy on trying to digest solid foods, which will give you more energy to use elsewhere.

Not only that but as your digestive system is cleaned out, long term, you are using less energy in digestion giving you more to use by the rest of your body

Clear Skin

You are eliminating chemicals, additives, toxins and processed foods from your body in the space of this week. You’re not taking any in, and whatever is built up in your body is being flushed out. This means that the impact of poor nutrition on your skin will be washed away and your skin can really glow.

Weight Loss

This is a side benefit of a juice cleanse. Weight loss should not be your primary goal, as it will be akin to crash dieting in terms of calorie intake. But as well as being on lower calories, the junk food stored within your body will get flushed out and you can feel the benefits of dropping some weight.

Improve Immune Function

When you detox your insides, you are helping them reset and re-invigorate to fight bacteria and viruses that may enter your body. As well as that, you are taking in nothing but vitamin and mineral rich juices which will also help improve your immune system and general body function.

Re-Sensitise Your Taste Buds

When your taste buds are exposed to lots of flavours over a period of time, they build up a tolerance and get used to them. Same way as if you’re always drinking a lot of coffee to perk you up, you build up an immunity to caffeine.

Taking a few days away from that and focussing just on fruit and vegetable juices gives your taste buds a break and re-sensitises them. So when you go off your juice cleanse and back to eating real, whole foods, you’ll savour each bite even more.

So if you haven’t tried a juice fast yet, why not? If you have, how have you found it?

Photo by Sameer Vasta

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