I Want To Ask You Something...

It might be a little bit embarrassing.

How many times have you tried to lose weight and failed?

  • Joined the gym in January but stopped going by March?
  • Low carb?
  • Low fat?​​​​
  • Raw?
  • Gluten free?

Maybe more recently you’ve tried some of the other hundreds of new diet trends you see out there every day!

If so, there’s 2 things I want to say.


I mean that 100% sincerely.

Deciding to make a positive change to your life, giving yourself a goal, and taking some kind of action towards that goal is always something to be applauded. 

Almost everyone talks about making changes but very few actually follow through with any of it. You however, actually went out and DID something.


This isn’t me taking a swipe at you, but I’m here to get to the root of why your diet or weight loss effort maybe didn’t go so well. 

You started well, getting your meals planned, changing your eating habits, full of motivation.

Then life started to happen again.

  • Invited out for a meal?
  • Someone's birthday?
  • Friday or weekend treats?
  • Long stressful day?
  • Pure and simple cravings creeping up on you?

Or you couldn’t get the food you needed for your plan so ended up with a takeaway.

Old habits started to creep back in and you ended up back to where you started or the weight loss screeched to a halt.

And there’s a good chance the same thing happened with the gym (and you might even still be paying for that membership!)

Your first few workouts went great, you pushed yourself hard, got into a routine and managed to keep it for a few weeks.

Then again, life happened, you got busy, stressed.

What started as just missing the odd workout here and there turned into weeks of no exercise.

You might still get to the gym occasionally, you might still get the short bursts of motivation but you’re not getting anywhere.

The scales aren’t moving, your measurements aren’t changing and despite all your sweat and hard work, you look and feel exactly the same still.

But you know what….

It Is NOT Your Fault.

The fact that you’re not where you want to be with your health and fitness, or you try to hide away under baggy clothes. It isn’t your fault. 

It is also NOT…

  • Genetics
  • Hidden chemicals or additives
  • Gluten - seriously, you can drop this one
  • times-circle
    Carbs in general
  • times-circle
    Fats - your body does need some!

And I definitely won’t be telling you that exercise doesn’t work.

But just because nothing has worked for you so far, it doesn’t mean you can’t get there. 

I truly believe anyone and everyone can have a body they love and it doesn’t have to mean all pain and suffering to get there!

Give me about 10 minutes and I’d love to prove this to you.

The Real Reason EVERY Diet And Eating Plan You’ve Tried Has Failed You

Note: Every diet has failed YOU.

Notice how I framed that?

It’s simply not the case that you’ve failed every diet you’ve tried.

I don’t know - maybe you have successfully lost weight and kept it off in the past. But my guess is that if you’re here, that’s not the case. Or you’ve lost some and kept it off, but you’re still not where you want to be.

You still have a few pounds to go …

You’ve still got some loose skin …

You’re still reaching for baggy clothes …

You look at other people in the gym, at the beach, or just walking round town and wish you could keep a good physique as easily as they do.

Anyway, the reason why you’re not there yet?

It’s not down to you.

Look, I’m just about the biggest guy you’ll meet when it comes to accountability and motivation.

I never like to shrug off responsibility or make excuses for my lack of results. But when it comes to weight loss, there’s something you need to know …

Before You Buy Another Diet Book Or Fitness Magazine...
Read This First!

Every single diet under the sun can work.

Read that again: EVERY diet.

Whether it’s low-fat, Slimming World, the baby food diet, keto, Weight Watchers and low-carb, or juice fasts, detoxes or raw food.

All diets have the potential to help you lose weight, shed the pounds and burn body fat to sculpt your ideal body.

But the way they do this is not what they say it is.

The real reason why these diets can help you lose weight is because they create a calorie deficit

Before you click off this page in disgust, bear with me. 

I’m not about to launch into a great long science lesson about the ins and outs of calorie balance, nor am I about to tell you that you need to meticulously count every single calorie that goes into your mouth.

But it’s simple science.

If you eat fewer calories than you burn, your body turns to its fat stores for energy, and burns these instead of burning the excess calories you’re eating.

This is known as a calorie deficit and it is essential for losing body fat.

Low-carb and Atkins plans put you into a calorie deficit by removing carbs.

Low-fat diets do it by removing fat. (Obviously.)

People like Joe Wicks and Jamie Oliver advise eating less processed foods.

And the baby food diet, well, that removes pretty much anything that isn’t complete mush!

So despite the fact all these diets look so different at first, they all have one thing in common:

A calorie deficit.

And it’s THIS that means you can lose weight with them.

But If Every Diet Can Work, WHY Do So Many Fail?

See what all the above have in common?

Take out carbs.

Take out fat.

Take out processed food.

They all remove something.

None of us like removing things from our diet. We don’t like being told we need to cut back on alcohol, knock the junk food on the head, or give up bread, pasta and potatoes.

We can do restriction for a time, but after a while?

It gets HARD.

What do you do when friends want to go out for dinner and you’re only allowed to eat fruit and vegetables?

Or you get invited for a working lunch and all that’s available is sandwiches?

How about those regular weekend trips to the pub?

Sure, you could drink sparkling water or a zero cal drink, but a night out isn't nearly as fun when you’re stone cold sober at 2am while everyone else is merry and having the time of their lives.

Restriction is tough. And that’s why any diet that restricts certain foods or food groups only has a snowball’s chance in hell of working.

At least long-term.

You might be able to stick to them for a week or two, or maybe even a couple of months, but soon enough, you either get bored, fed up, extremely lethargic, absolutely ravenous or a combination of all of these and give up.

They’re just not compatible with your lifestyle.

And this is why all the traditional diets fail you.

Sound too good to be true?

Well read on, and you may just be surprised …

I Was a Terrible Fitness Professional

I guess it’s time I introduced myself.

I’m Abhi Gupta, and I run VeganFitHero.com.

Now, I’m about as far from your typical fitness coach as you can get. 

I don’t promote strict or extreme diets, I HATE gut-wrenching training programs, and I don’t sell supplements, or promise a six-pack in 6 weeks.

In fact, my way of doing everything is pretty moderate …

… pretty middle of the road.

… pretty realistic.

… pretty sustainable.

… and, if you want me to be brutally honest - Some even class it as boring!

My clients do the basics -

They stick to short training programs (at the gym or at home.) 

They only train 3 or 4 times a week. 

They never cut out any foods or food groups, and they make as few changes to their diets as possible.

And they usually lose between 6 and 16 pounds in their first month of working with me.

I pride myself on being a coach who doesn’t need to use any extreme tactics, any energy-sapping starvation diets, and who absolutely refuses to use cliched phrases like “No pain no gain” or “Pain is temporary, pride lasts a lifetime.”

That’s just not my thing at all.

You see, I have tried literally everything there is for weight loss myself. I know the ups and the downs of pretty much every diet plan and every exercise regime. I learned what worked and didn’t work for me and also WHY.

What you’re seeing is a 122b difference between these photos - so when I say I know what can and can’t work, I do have some real life experience to refer to.

So I know finding a simple, sustainable approach to your health and fitness goals - designed exactly to how you like to eat and how you like to be active - is the way forward.

Yet somewhere between achieving that and a few months ago, I lost my way.

I had hit that goal but I wanted to go further but I found I was going backwards. 

I was binge eating, putting on weight, feeling heavy and bloated, clothes felt less comfortable and generally I felt like I was freewheeling backwards.

That’s When Vegan Fit Hero was Born

I turned to what my most successful clients were doing.

And suddenly it hit me.

I worked out EXACTLY where I’d been going wrong.

I couldn’t believe I’d missed it.

The reason I was gaining weight, skipping the gym, being terrible with my diet and ultimately, feeling like a failure?

I was being too strict on myself.

See, I’d always encouraged my clients do adopt the 80:20 rule - to be good, but to never, ever, aim for perfection.

Follow the plan 80% of the time, and have leeway and treats 20% of the time.

That meant eating more-or-less the right number of calories, to eat mostly healthy foods, and to train hard at the gym, but to not sweat over the minor details.

Trying to be perfect sounds great, and you’d imagine you’d get better results, but this is completely untrue.

When we aim for perfection and don’t quite make it (even if we’re 95% of the way there,) we feel like right royal screw ups.

We blame ourselves.

We feel guilty.

And we think - “What’s the point?”

And that’s where I was. By enforcing strict rules on myself when I was busy with work, trying to give everything my 100% and aiming to never falter - and allowing ZERO margin for anything else - I’d set myself up for failure.

So I wracked my brains.

How could I take what my most successful clients were doing - the ones who were losing a minimum of 1-2 pounds per week effortlessly, and without ‘dieting’ or killing themselves in the gym - and create a program that would work for everyone?

The answer shocked even me ...

The Keys To Fat Loss And Fitness

When most coaches or personal trainers talk about the key elements to fat loss, they speak of going low-carb, doing cardio, HIIT or circuit training, giving up booze - all that kind of stuff.

But for me, it’s so much simpler than that.

There are 3 critical elements to a fat loss plan that is not only easy to follow, but also gives long-lasting results, and is perfectly designed for the busy modern man or woman:

1. A Diet That Bans NOTHING

You’ve probably guessed by now, but the clients who get the best results, and lose as much as 16 pounds in a month are the ones who don’t ban any foods.

If they want a sugar fix, they have a sugar fix.

If they fancy something fried, they have something fried.

If they’re invited out for drinks and they want a beer or glass of wine, they have one (or maybe even two) and don’t stress over it.

And they get results like this:

This isn’t magic and it isn’t rocket science.

It’s just using the tried and tested methods you read about earlier, and balancing calories.

My goal with every single person I work with is to change their current diet as little as possible, so we get maximum results with minimum disruption.

2. A Minimalist Exercise Program

I’m not one of these guys who advocates training every day.

Heck, some of the clients I’ve had who’ve dropped body fat the fastest have only trained a couple of times per week.

And I’ll let you into a little secret.

Come closer so I can whisper it - I don’t want anyone else to hear …

You don’t even have to go to the gym.

Insane, right?

Well, as much as I personally enjoy going to the gym, I know it’s not for everyone. In fact, some people downright hate it, while others detest the thought of any exercise whatsoever.

If that’s you, you’re probably in the wrong place.

I can’t help you much if you refuse to break a sweat every now and then.

But, if you’re the kind of person, who, understandably, struggles to fit in the super long magazine workouts, gut-wrenching interval sessions, or get to the gym at a time when it’s not packed to the rafters with wannabe Instagram models, then that’s cool.

The perfect exercise routine is one that -

  • ​Allows for maximum recovery time and rest days while still burning fat as fast as humanly possible.
  • Fits in with YOUR schedule.
  • You enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you're likely to stick to it.

That’s the first 2 parts covered.

They matter, but not nearly as much as …

3. Support

This is by far and away the most important factor.


Because you can have the BEST diet, the BEST equipment, the BEST training program and all the willpower in the world, but none of this will get fast, healthy and sustainable fat loss if you haven’t got the support there to keep you going when times are hard …

… to pick you up when you’re feeling down.

… to troubleshoot any potential difficulties and issues.

… to motivate you to keep going, even when things are tough.

… to make you part of an amazing group of people fighting the same war on body fat, with support and guidance 24/7 from a team of expert coaches.

And that’s why support is the BIG reason I created Vegan Fit Hero.

"So Abhi -
What IS Vegan Fit Hero?"

Vegan Fit Hero VIP Coaching is my flagship fat loss and fitness program, designed specifically with busy men and women in mind.

As you might have guessed by now, it’s not a restrictive diet where you have to ban all your favourite foods, give up alcohol, adopt some crazy, unsustainable low-carb plan, or even go to the gym.

It’s for men AND women.

And it produces results like this:

I designed it for people like me - people between 30 and 50, who knew what they should be doing to lose weight, but might behaving a hard time staying motivated.


We could all buy a magazine off the shelf or browse the internet looking for some workouts.

But sticking to it?

Well that’s a different ball game altogether.

The key with Vegan Fit Hero is to make absolutely every element as simple and straightforward as possible. 

As I mentioned earlier, we change as little as possible from your current routine, so you lose weight every week, without a big shock to your system.

With that in mind, here’s what you get when you come on board with Vegan Fit Hero -

- A Complete Done-For-You Nutrition Plan

Here’s my promise to you:

I will not make you eat anything you don’t enjoy, and I will do my utmost to include your favourite foods (and drinks.)

You will have to be moderate, you do need self-restraint, and eating some vegetables and some lean protein foods is kind of essential, but aside from that, I’ll do everything in my power to give you a diet that burns body fat as fast as physically possible, while tasting great at the same time.

- Done - For - You Training Plan

We can go one of 3 ways here.

I can give you a plan to follow at the gym.

I can give you something to do at home with no equipment needed.

Or I can set you up with a kettlebell-based routine.

Or you can have a mix. The choice is yours.

But the bottom line is that I’m not going to have you training more than 4 times a week, and most people actually get best results training just 2 or 3 times.

Sessions will also be short, so you can fit them into your busy schedule.

Training will fit around your life, not the other way round.

- Daily Accountability Check In

I don’t know many other programs that get you to check in every day to make sure you’re doing okay.

But when I started doing this with my clients a few years back, the results we saw were phenomenal.

You don’t need to spend ages doing this every day - all you need to do is a quick 30-second check-in, in our private Facebook group that could be done from your phone while you’re on the bus, waiting for the train, or standing in the queue for your cappuccino.

- Educational Videos

My goal as a trainer is always to have clients say -

“Abhi, I don’t need you any more. You got me the results I need, and I feel I can keep these going on my own.”

That’s why each week you get sent a brand new educational video, so it’s not just a case of me telling you what to do and you blindly following it, but you learning about the process too, so that you’re able to be in total control of your results.

- 24/7 Access To The Entire Coaching Team

To give you the best services, with the fastest response times, and the expertise of as many experienced coaches as possible, I am building a team of coaches and trainers ready to help you.

Any time, day or night, you can post in our private FB group, and get your question or query answered in just hours. (If not minutes.)

- Guides For Food Prep, Shopping And Habit Setting

It might sound a little ‘fruity’ but I’ve found the thing people struggle with most isn’t the exercise or the diet - it’s being prepared and getting into healthy habits.

That’s why I wanted to include this as part of Vegan Fit Hero too.

With my best tips and practices for getting in the mental zone for losing weight (and keeping it off) as well as my foolproof guide to habit setting, you get your nutrition on lockdown, your training on autopilot, and your results guaranteed.

- 1:1 Assessment Call

Tired of programs and trainers that promise so much but deliver so little?

Yeah, me too.

I think my results speak for themselves, but I never want anyone to be left wondering, or to not be 100% satisfied with their fat loss during the course of Vegan Fit Hero.

So I added in a 1:1 call at the end of the program so we can chat about how you felt it went.

This is purely for you to give me feedback, to ask questions, and so we can set a plan for how you can continue the amazing results you got during the program.

- Private Group Coaching

Without a doubt, this is the biggest factor you need to know about.

We DON’T just set you a diet plan.

We DON’T just set you a training plan.

We DON’T expect you to ‘get on with it.’

The whole concept of Vegan Fit Hero stemmed from the fact I needed something simple, something I enjoyed, and something that gave me ultimate accountability.

I don’t believe in criticism, yelling or stern words if someone misses a session or slips on their diet …

I want my clients to have a safe space where they feel highly motivated, that makes sticking to things easy, and that allows the whole weight loss process to be effortless.

This is what Vegan Fit Hero provides.

For Just £3.23 Per Day, You Too Can Have The Body Of Your Dreams

(But we do also have the same package options in US$ and Euros € - see further below)

You might be wondering just how much Vegan Fit Hero costs to be a part of.

You’ve probably got some idea already.

You know that most personal trainers charge between £30 and £60 for just one session.

The average online coach is around £150 per month.

And to have a personalised diet plan or exercise routine drawn up, you’re probably looking at in the region of £100 each.

But I didn’t want this to be one of those luxury items you have to save for.

I truly believe that a program like this should be made accessible and affordable to everyone.

That’s why right now, it’s priced at just £97 per month.

(That’s around £3.23 per day.)

Why this much?

To me, it represents a fair investment.

It’s absolutely not for the people who don’t value their health, their body and their weight loss.

But at the same time, it’s a far cry from the supposed ‘high end’ trainers who do little more than put you on a power plate and have you drinking kale smoothies.

For your £97, you get everything I mentioned above - the personalised workouts, the bespoke diet, the group access, the daily check-ins, the videos, the recipe book, the guides and the 1:1 assessment call.

To help you out, I’ve broken it down for you here -

That’s a saving of £173 at least …

… AND you get to keep the guides, the diet, the group access and the workout plan, even if you only stay with us for 1 month.

Click Here to Get Started for Just £97 Now.

13 Pounds of Pure Fat Loss In 8 Weeks?

Now, the last thing I want to do use is false claimed and hyped up promises to get you to join Vegan Fit Hero.

I’d rather let the client results speak for themselves, and would hope you can see just how my ‘slightly different’ way of doing things is far better than the typical fitness industry approach to weight loss.

But, if you’re on the fence as to exactly what can be achieved in just a short time with Vegan Fit Hero, check this out -

Pretty incredible, huh?

Well, let me tell you - 13 pounds of pure fat loss in 8 weeks is fantastic!

AND.... it is achievable.

Most men and women in the programme lose between 5 and 8 pounds.

But they do this without giving up their favourite foods, without committing to torturous exercise regimes, and without starving themselves and doing hours of cardio.

What’s more, the weight loss is pure fat loss.

Plenty of diets make you lose muscle, or just burn off water weight, and while that might make the scale go down, you often end up looking skinny, weak, and emaciated.

Vegan Fit Hero may not get the crazy kind of weight loss numbers that you see on the Biggest Loser, but you will drop fat, increase your tone and definition, feel great and love the way you look come the end of it.

And most importantly, these results will last!

One Final Word …

Before I leave you, let me ask you this -

What is the cost of not investing in Vegan Fit Hero?

Are you happy with your body or your health and fitness at the moment?

Would you feel confident in finding a diet that makes you lose at least 1 to 2 pounds every week, without taking away your favourite foods and that keeps you feeling full on your own?

Can you afford to ‘try’ another training program in the hope that this time, it might work … maybe … if you get lucky?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘no’ then why not give Vegan Fit Hero a go?

It costs less than £100 and you only need to commit for 28 days.

You don’t need to go to a gym, you don’t need fancy health foods, and you don’t need hours and hours of free time.

All you need is WiFi connection, a Facebook account, a couple of hours each week for food prep and exercise, and a desire to get lean and drop fat quickly, safely and sustainably.

If this sounds like something you could get on board with, click the button below.

I’ll see you on the inside.


Just to show you my main driver is your results, I wanted to sweeten the pot even more.

Unlike a gym, (or even some personal trainers,) you’re not tied into a lengthy contract with Vegan Fit Hero.

If, after 28 days, you haven’t seen amazing results, just let me know, and you won’t pay a penny more.

Plus, you can keep everything from your first month, so that if at any point in the future, you decide to try again, you can simply rinse and repeat.


Got questions?

Good. You SHOULD have questions. There are lots of shady characters in the world of online fitness, so let me answer the most common queries below:

Q) This is an online program, yes?


Once you sign up, you’ll fill in some forms that tell me about your goals, what your day-to-day schedule looks like, your food preferences and your previous struggles.

I’ll use this to create your bespoke plan, send it to you via email, and you’ll have instant access to everything else - the guides, the recipes, and the Facebook group.

You can post as much or as little as you like, and the coaching team and I will do our utmost to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Q) Why should I invest in Vegan Fit Hero, and not just start going back to the gym, or get workouts and diets from a magazine?

You absolutely could do both of these.

They might work. And if they do, I’m happy.

But did you know that fewer than 20% of people with gym memberships use it more than once a week?

And most who do go end up following terrible plans, or paying through the nose for a trainer who wants to train every client like a bodybuilder, or a military recruit.

As for books and magazines?

Again, they can work, but they’re not in any way personalised, so what you’re following could well be the completely wrong plan for you.

Q) What age and gender is this best for?

It’s cliched to say ‘any,’ but it really is for anyone.

That said, the people who tend to get the best results with Vegan Fit Hero are people between 30 and 50, who have hectic lives, perhaps working high-pressure jobs, with long commutes, or who are full-time parents.

Q) Did that girl really lose 12 pounds?


And if she could do it, there’s no reason why you couldn’t.

Want to Break That Record?

Q) Is it a payment plan?

Nope. A single payment of £97 per month.

There is no minimum commitment period or contract and you can cancel any time.

Q) Is it just for people in the UK?

Not at all. I’ve trained people from all over the globe. For convenience, £97 is around $126.

Q) How is the program delivered?

I’ll send everything to you via email, then almost everything else is done in the private Facebook group, with just fellow Vegan Fit Hero participants and the coaching team.

Q) How soon can I start?

As soon as you want. Once you've invested, you'll get a few forms to fill out so we can set you up with your own unique plan

Q) I have an injury/ allergies/ intolerances/ dietary requirements. 

That’s cool.

Because I never tell you specific foods that you have to eat, the whole plan is very flexible, and you can adjust it to suit your own needs. 

So you can eat gluten-free, raw, moderate - whatever you need to.

Same with the training. I’m not going to make you do anything, and we can tailor it around what you enjoy, and are able to do.

Q) I’m nervous about starting.

Completely understandable.

If you weren’t nervous, it wouldn’t be normal.

All I’ll say is that this is not a plan for the jumped up fitness elite. We don’t tolerate huge egos in the group, and everyone is simply there to support each other.

As for the diet and training side of things, well, as you can guess by now, you’ll never be forced to do anything, and while you will be breaking a sweat, and having to exercise some moderation in the eating department, that’s really not all that daunting after a day or two.

Q) I’m in. Where can I go to start?


I forgot to add, if you have any questions about Vegan Fit Hero, just email me at ag@veganfithero.com.

I read and respond to every email, but the program does fill up fast, so if you’re on the fence, my suggestion would be to quit waiting and just do it.

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to start helping you get results.