Vegan Instagram Accounts You HAVE To Follow!

I am starting to enjoy using Instagram more and more. It is not only a lot of fun to use, but I discover so much more – great recipes, great websites, great blogs, and some really moving stories.

What’s more is that I actually get to see everything and interact with people properly!

You know when you’re on Facebook and looking at your news feed, well Facebook filters out some content so you only get to see a little bit of what your friends and pages you’re a fan of say. On Instagram you can see everything and find interesting accounts more easily as well.

I am really starting to enjoy it.

So here’s my list of vegan instagram accounts you have to follow!

Plant Based Alpha

Pardon the completely shameless plug but I take a lot of pride in my Instagram account and am recently starting to get a bit of traction and momentum with it. I like to think I am posting up plenty of fun, interesting photos and ideas for everyone to enjoy!

Be Vegan

Posts: 111, Followers: 1337

Healthy, wholesome recipes cooked up and presented with bright and colourful photography really make’s the bevegan_ instagram account pop. It was actually one of the first accounts I followed when I started using Instagram for this site.


Posts: 52, Followers: 138

Still a fairly new account, but if you look at some of the food they put up – cacao ginger truffles, chocolate cashew peanut fudge cups, cactus pear smoothie – there are some very very interesting ones which definitely got my attention!

Rawsome Treats

Posts: 103, Followers: 571

Some extremely attractive raw puddings. Chocolate, cinnamon chia, banana berry ice cream, truffle size chocolate brownies – I really fell in love with some of the creativity on show here as soon as I saw their photos!

I am still just starting to explore Instagram and I will be adding more and more as I find them! Until then, enjoy these great vegan Instagram accounts!

If you do have your own vegan Instagram account, just click here to let us know. We’ll take a look and add it to our list!

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