Vegetarian Restaurant San Antonio Bringing You Fast Food

Vegetarian Restaurant San Antonio

A brand new all vegetarian fast food restaurant is on course for becoming a reality thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Mike Behrend, who already runs a vegetarian eating establishment called Green Vegetarian Cuisine launched his Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to open Earth Burger, which would be San Antonio’s first vegetarian fast food establishment.

Have a look at their Kickstarter promo video below:

I haven’t yet been able to check out how much of their offerings will be vegan, and not just vegetarian, but their online menu does look very promising.

Prices for sandwiches and wraps are just $5, and $8 if you make it a meal deal. They also have a kids menu, sides and a brief overview of the drinks they will be offering.

I was certainly very impressed with their mission, their ethos and their belief in why their offering is better than what traditional fast food places have to offer:

Earth Burger will provide nutrient rich plant-based fast food for people on the go! Our food will be free from hydrogenated oils or artificial colors. We’ll provide whole wheat breads, organic sodas, and organic cheeses (for our non-vegan customers). Our menu is simple, and features our signature Earth Burger (featured in the video below in the Burger Challenge), Nacho Burger, Spicy Chik-n Sandwich, “Fish” Sandwich, Grilled Chik-n Protein Wrap, Chik-n Tender Basket, Fries, Hummus with Baby Carrots, Kale Salad, Edamame, Apple Slices and String Cheese.

Compared to leading fast food items, our Chik-n patty has 2 more grams of protein, Earth Burger’s Chik-n Tenders have 3 more grams of diatery fiber, and the Earth Burger beefy patty has 61% less calories than its leading fast food beef patty.

Even if their menu has a limited vegan offering, which I am kind of guessing it will, there are some very encouraging signs. Vegetarianism and veganism is a growing trend and with businesses like this opening up, it can only be a good sign.

It might not be long before Earth burger has a large vegan offering or another vegan fast food restaurant opens up in San Antonio.

Earth Burger needs to reach their target of $40,000 by 29 April 2014 to become a reality. If you would like to support them, click here to go to their crowdfunding campaign.

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