[VIDEO] 3 Vegan Body Transformations That Will Blow You Away!

So it is widely accepted that being vegan, eliminating meat and dairy that are often processed with chemicals and hormones, can often contribute to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss on its own.

If you read our Are You Sure Thats Vegan review, you’ll know being vegan doesn’t automatically mean the weight drops off though.

You still need to put in the hard work and discipline to make it happen for you. You need to stick to a regimented eating plan, exercise and keep your body and hormones in balance.

So it was absolutely fantastic to see some truly stunning before and afters of people who live the vegan lifestyle and have really turned their health around because of it.

Check these out!

The Light twins lost a combined 175lb and look great for it!

They admit at the very start of their video that it didn’t happen overnight and took a lot of effort and determination.

But the proof of their hard work can be seen in their very dramatic transformations. Some may argue they look a little bit too lean now BUT I think they look absolutely fantastic!

Gabe, the founder of EasyRawLife, lost 60lb

What I absolutely love about this transformation by Gabe is the fact that turning vegan isn’t what made him lose weight. When he went vegan he was still eating vegan versions of pizza, burgers and basically the standard diet he was on before that.

When he went raw vegan, showed some incredible discipline and stuck to his principles, that is when the weight started to fall off. And he looks absolutely fantastic now!

Melissa Miceli Lost 100lb In 8 Months Going Raw Vegan

Unlike the other two transformations I am showing you here, Melissa Miceli wasn’t just overweight. She was in fairness, critically obese. But as you can see from the video, by going raw and vegan she has turned that around and is in great shape.

She has got an active Youtube channel as well that I would strongly encourage you to check out!


I think all of these people deserve a huge round of applause for their achievements. I know how hard it can be to transform yourself like this and they deserve full kudos.

I will try to get a short interview with all of them at some point in future for you guys.

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