We’re Changing

It can take time to get things right in business, finding your brand, finding your identity and something that you can really relate to.

But I think we’ve cracked it this time.

We used to be known as Plant Based Alpha (http://plantbasedalpha.com) which was vague, unrelatable and a little bit confusing as to what we do and what we want to stand for.

So going forward, and actually for some time now (since June or July I think), we have rebranded as Vegan Fit Hero (http://veganfithero.com) – to make it clear that we’re here for vegans and fitness lovers who want to level up like a superhero does and improve their health and fitness.

If you try to go to http://plantbasedalpha.com/ now, you will be redirected to here – http://veganfithero.com and we’re going to see this through for the long run.

The content and what we’re about stays exactly the same – plant based and vegan health and fitness, wellness and wellbeing – but we just wanted to change to a brand that makes it clearer.

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