Yoga Poses For Beginners – Five Of The Best

Yoga is something you can do regardless of your physical level of fitness and it has many health benefits including better posture, weight loss, stress release, strength & stability as well as more energy.

Watching an advanced yoga practitioner can be extremely daunting – their flexibility, balance and coordination. Of course when you try it yourself, you don’t look or feel anywhere nearly as graceful looking!

Some of you may empathise with this! I definitely do.

Some of you may empathise with this! I definitely do.

But we all do start somewhere don’t we?

So here you go – Yoga poses for beginners

yoga poses for beginners

The Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

The mountain pose has the benefits of strengthening your core, improving posture, relieving ailments like sciatica and reducing flat feet.

It is probably the simplest foundation pose in yoga and one you should definitely use as your starting point.

Watch this video to see how to complete the mountain pose:

The Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana)

The warrior II pose is great for strengthening your legs, improving flexibility in your spine, reducing backache and by opening up your arms it can even help you deal with things like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Watch this video:

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

The downward dog is one of the best known yoga poses. It can help calm a stressed mind, give you an energy boost, strengthen your arms, legs and core and is also thought to help improve your digestion.

Watch this video:

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

The bridge pose is another classic yoga pose for beginners. It is great for stretching and opening up the torso and upper body, and can also be used to help soothe and relieve aches and pains. It has also been known to help with conditions such as insomnia.

Watch this video:

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

The tree pose is great for stretching out the whole body and relieving stress and tension. By pushing your arms as far as they can go, you can really stretch and open your whole back and spine and balancing on one leg not only improves your balance but also helps reduce flat footedness.

Watch this video:

Try these yoga poses for beginners and start to feel yourself get stronger, have more energy and feel invigorated!

Photo by Tom Mooring

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